Themes for Breakout Sessions


1.    Breed-Specific Health Strategies: Needs and opportunities; innovations, nationally and internationally.

2.    Exaggerations And Extremes In Dog Conformation: Health, welfare and breeding considerations; national and international efforts.
3.    Education and Communication: How can international collaboration improve education and communication within and across stakeholder groups (esp. between veterinarians and breeders); using the example of antimicrobial resistance.
4.    Behaviour and Welfare: How can we better integrate actions to address issues in welfare, behaviour and health in breeding and raising dogs?
5.    IPFD Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs: An international, multi-stakeholder initiative to address selection, evaluation and
application of genetic testing.
6.    Show Me The Numbers: Integrating information from various sources for prevalence, risks and other population-level information;
latest national and international strategies to collect data and disseminate information.


For background information on the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop, click here  and see Updates on

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