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The 3rd International  Health Dog Workshop  is organized by the International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) and the Société Centrale Canine (SCC), in cooperation with other partners.

When ?
In Paris, France
on 21-23 April 2017.

Where ?
Venue: Novotel Paris Centre Tour Eiffel;

Why ?
Aims to once again bring together key decision leaders and diverse stakeholders of the global dog world in order to:

  • share information about the good work done since the last Workshop in Dortmund,
  • identify and prioritize issues and challenges in breeding, health and welfare of dogs,
  • engage in dialog across stakeholders,
  • identify existing and needed information, guidelines, and other resources to promote actions,
  • share expertise, educate, and build community and collaboration across international stakeholders in dog health, well-being and welfare to address common goals.

Take care !
Number of participants: between 125 and 150 individuals. Language: English.

From Information and Collaboration to ACTION!

regard-beauceronTarget audience: stakeholders in the dog world who are working to promote health and/or welfare in dogs, including, for example: breeders, members of breed club health committees, kennel clubs, breeding advisors, veterinarians, educators, researchers, geneticists, behavioural specialists, regulators, welfare organizations, show judges. Those who have participated in the first two International Dog Health Workshops and new comers are very welcome.

Proposed Themes:

  • Breed-specific health strategies – nationally and internationally;
  • Selection, evaluation and application of genetic testing;
  • Behaviour and welfare in dog breeding;
  • Education, communication and engagement across stakeholders groups – including  further engagement with the veterinary profession;
  • Exaggerations and extremes in dog conformation: Health, welfare and breeding considerations
  • Show me the numbers: sources of data on prevalence of disease, breed-specific risks, and other population-level information.

Format : Biennial event spanning three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) with registration and reception the first evening and ending after lunch on Sunday. A cruise dinner on the Seine is planned on Saturday. The workshop consists of a sequence of :

  • Plenary sessions: introducing issues, emphasising important points to discuss, presenting summaries, as well as
  • Facilitated breakout sessions by theme, and
  • Posters outlining projects, programs, new initiatives.

This is a working meeting. All participants are requested to read material that will be sent prior to the meeting and to actively engage in discussions, and to attend the entire Workshop.  Each participant will be assigned to one Theme (based on their indicated preference, where possible) and is asked to stay with that Theme for all breakout sessions.  That said, there will be ample sharing from all breakouts in intermittent plenary and summary sessions.

International – Multi-Stakeholder – Collaborative


Outcomes: It is not the mandate of the International Dog Health Workshops or the IPFD to produce regulations or directives. However, in order to facilitate and promote ongoing and substantive actions and developments, as deemed needed by the participants, these are some of the outcomes and work product that it is expected will arise from the meeting:


Sharing of existing information, templates, and tools, e.g., for data collection at the national or international level and for descriptive information about organizations and breeds; resources needed to address issues within and across themes.

Guidelines and priority lists, which could be general or specific, e.g. for development of harmonized terminology; for key actions to support breeding, health and welfare; for sharing of material and resources; identifying gaps in our current resources and knowledge.

Collaborative strategies and community building, e.g., outlining of communication and cooperative strategies (involving or other platforms); opportunities to build or enhance existing relationships, especially, across various stakeholder groups.

For more information see the IPFD web platform – click here for 3rd IDHW updates.

Check back for details on suggested topics with Themes; Working Groups; and shared information; and links to the official conference website for registration (coming Fall 2016) and other practical information, as it becomes available.


Further Contact:

Organizing committee: Anne Mary Chimion,  SCC:

Program committee: Brenda Bonnett, CEO, IPFD: ;

Gregoire Leroy ; Åke Hedhammar ;

Anne-Marie Class  .


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